Critical Reflection On Social Work

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Make a critical reflection on any two areas of knowledge (knowledge base) in International social work practice.
Social workers are often very concerned even when faced with situations that require effective decision-making.
To achieve this, more information and knowledge must be obtained so that the quality of decisions taken is the most effective in the best interests of its clients.
Social workers are asked to be very careful in dealing with databases and knowledge and how to access and use them.
Because there is a clear imbalance in the intensification of the forms of the theoretical and experimental knowledge base in the practice of social work and there is also a great confusion about the concept of the knowledge base for social work, and how to …show more content…

Practice based on empirical knowledge helps reduce bias, enables workers to study interpretations, perspectives or alternative solutions, and makes social workers more accountable for their decisions JD Hudson (1997).

The dialogue between theory and practice
In the past and present, there is hesitation among practitioners in social work to adapt theory and research because they feel that the reference to theory is the loss of connection with reality when practicing social work.
In order for the social worker to be an effective practitioner, man must have a sound theoretical basis and this is not easy to achieve.
It was argued that decision-making based on empirical evidence should replace moralistic judgment JD Hudson (1997).
The theory would provide guidance towards more effective practice, and give social workers
A measure of confidence this is done if we build on effective strategies and techniques and build removable knowledge by directing others to what is common and known and is updated

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