Importance Of Knowledge Management In Apple

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Apple Company Apple Inc. is a private company, and it is one of the world 's most famous technology and computer companies, located in the United States of America. It is a multi-national company. Its main business depends on specialization in manufacturing, producing, developing, improving and selling software, smartphones, computers; It has a series of electronic devices, such as iPad, iPhone and Mac. The origin of Apple Company Founded by Steve Jobs and his co-pilot Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer was able to design a computer in the form of the beginning of Apple computers in the time period Between the years 1981 to 1985; since 2005 until now, Apple has seen many developments; successive successes. Apple’s vision Apple 's vision is to create and deliver electronic music and personal computers to individuals, teachers, employees, students, and computers used in government agencies and companies. Apple 's strategy focused on enhancing its ability to design and contribute to its development, It’s easy to use and distinctive design and innovative. Importance of knowledge management in Apple Company Knowledge Management (KM) is a discipline that improves Apple 's ability to better solve problems, adapt, evolve to meet changing business requirements, and survive with disruptive changes. Apple understands that a knowledge management system is a complex system consisting of both the people who work in the company, processes, procedures and information systems that drive their
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