Importance Of Labor Practices In International Trade

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Should labor practices in another country be a relevant consideration in international trade? Why or why not? International trade concerns all businesses. Per the International Labor Organization, (ILO, 2018) “achieving the goal of decent work in the globalized economy requires action at the international level, which includes human rights and labour” (A path to decent work). The trading of goods internationally means countries share products amongst one another along their borders. Labor practices are a relevant consideration in international trade. There are legal obligations for any country that must be considered related to another country’s labor practices when doing business internationally. Any given country has their own rules and regulations for business and should be followed per the legal requirement of that country when doing business internationally. It is best to know the legal requirements, have a native of the country interpret, if needed. This is so there are no misunderstandings of the legal requirements and always follow the legal requirements per the law when practicing international trade. It only makes sense to consider labor practices, as a business cannot obtain a license without a considering them. According to the ILO, there are minimum of labor standards that should be followed for countries (2018). It is these standards that keep all countries that obey them at an equal playing field for international trade. It also keeps safety
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