Importance Of Laboratory Safety

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Laboratory is one of the chief causes of accidents and, because it involves the human element, is one of the most difficult to cope with. The purpose of this is to help the lab students to understand proper laboratory safety, to increase their awareness of the possible risks or hazards involved with laboratory work and to realize the laboratory is generally a safe place to work if safety guidelines are properly followed. Therefore lab students must well know about the rules and introductions in laboratory, common hazard symbols and their meanings, laboratory emergencies and first aid, personal protective equipment, how to store the chemicals safely and how to act at putting off fire. Under to these all categories you can get good knowledge about how deal with the laboratory equipment and others by this.

Part 1
Rules and Instructions in the Laboratory • You must keep common sense otherwise a good responsible manner in yourself.[1]
• Never eat or drink while working in the laboratory.[1]
• Wear a sensible clothes which gloves, laboratory coats, full covered shoes and safety shield or glasses and wear safety goggles to protect your eyes when heating substances, dissecting, etc. [1],[2]
• If you have long hair or loose clothes, make sure it is tied back or confined.[1]
• Do not taste or smell chemicals.[2]
• Keep close attention to any cautions described in the laboratory exercises[2]
• Before you start works, give the attention for what you have to do in

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