Importance Of Land Use In Land Development

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Land use and land cover change have become a central and important component in current strategies in managing natural resources and monitoring environmental changes, as a complex process which is caused by the mutual interactions between environmental and social factors at different spatial and temporal scales, and also plays a fundamental role in various environmental and socioeconomic applications from local, regional, to global scales (Ram and Kolarkar 1993), which they are a dynamic process taking placing on the bio-physical surfaces that have taken place over a period and space is of enormous significance in natural resource studies. Land use and land cover dynamics are essential elements for monitoring, protecting, evaluating, and planning for earth resources, which are the key issues and challenges for the eco-friendly and sustainable development for the economic growth of any region. Land use and land cover conversions are due to population explosion, human activities, socio-economic, biophysical and environmental factors may have considerable impacts on worldwide biotic diversity, global and local climate such as deforestation, soil degradation, hydrology, soil erosion, flooding, food security, soil quality, pollution global warming, and unplanned urban extensions are very harmful to the environment (Muttitanon and Tripathi 2005a). Furthermore, Changes in land use and land cover date to prehistory and are the direct and indirect consequence of human actions to

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