Importance Of Language Awareness

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Language and culture can never be separated. The language spoken by the people can be considered a part of their culture. The culture of a particular place is also influenced by how people speak their language and what contextual meanings they associate with their language use. Due to the developing global community, many people see the potential of being a multilingual. Since English is an international language, being able to speak the language could open many opportunities and in this case, English language learners tend to forget the role of their native language and as well as their culture to their English language learning. Therefore, English language teachers need to give more attention in raising the students’ language and cultural awareness.
Language awareness focuses on how learners are able to recognize the different varieties of languages and discern their distinct characteristics. Being aware of the language also means that the learners also give importance to their first language and are able to draw out significant commonalities from that of their native language and English. The goal of English language teachers, and the learners as well, is to connect the two languages (the learners ' L1 and L2). The teachers have the crucial role in activating their students ' language awareness. English language teachers need to guide the students to fully realize the various ways in which they could make use of their existing knowledge on language learning that they were

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