Importance Of Language Development In Early Childhood

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This video illustrated salient information to understand the knowledge about language development in early childhood. By introducing, communication development of children up to age five, possible supports for speech-language from pathologists and audiologists, and lastly, age-specific milestones. Communication is what we humans use in order to learn, interact with others and form relationships. As a matter of fact, from birth hearing is very critical because we learn, absorb and react in our life with it, being that, language acts like a bridge in our life that is associated with other traits. Indeed, our first five years are the most salient stages in life to build our communication skills. However, within those five years of development, each child is different so they have their own pace, for this reason, progress will always vary with speed and accomplishment. However, although each child has a unique pace, there are certain milestones in majority of the children to reach at certain ages.…show more content…
Parents are able to reach out for the pathologist and audiologists to treat the issues which can lead to learning, socializing, reading and writing damages. Also, around 10% of children experience problems in speech and language due to unique brain system or hearing loss. With qualified professional pathologist and audiologist, they treat the children individually with goal treatments to improve their language development. In addition, before leaving the hospital every baby’s hearing is frequently examined for preventing late recognition to treat hearing

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