Importance Of Language In Advertising

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Language is a powerful tool to attract and affect consumers’ behaviour. This is extensively used in the fields of promotion and advertising. It is significant that the use of language is most influential effect on the minds of consumers. Design of an ad and Visual substance in advertising have a very great .impact on the consumer, but it is language that plays an important role to identify a particular product and retain the information.
Extensive vocabulary is the positive feature of English language. Each word might be having more than eight synonyms which differ slightly in a very subtle way. It is important to understand the connotative meaning of a word rather than the actual meaning of a word. (Sofa cum bed arouses comfort and luxury
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Advertising language may not always be grammatically “correct" language in the ordinary sense. For example, .no use of “the” before superlative degree .Example “My Daddy strongest”.
Scope and Objectives of the present study: The focus and purpose of this thesis will be to analyse the specifically designed “language” of advertising, its impact on the consumer/ buyer, and how it communicates and utilises the elements such as the written word, colours, symbols, appeal, desires, setting, weasel words, vague words, the added value and implied messages.
Both print and visual media, when reporting news items, the marketing and advertising personnel have to consider the emotive power of the language they use. They plan to withhold some part of the ad and disclose some
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They also demonstrate what type of behaviour is appropriate for boys and girls by dictating which toys are for boys .and which are for girls. Eg: Barbie toys for girls and He-man and guns etc for boys. The representation of how boys and girls should behave and what they should play with, sends a message to the viewer of what is appropriate, thus shaping the gender identity of the viewer.
To enhance the appeal of an advertisement, ad-writers pay much attention not only to such expressive devices as plates, colour and the layout of a printed page, but also to the choice of words or phrases, to make an advertisement beautiful and attractive. Ad-writers pay more attention to the use of visual effects, pun, simile, metaphor, resonance etc., and make the advertising English succinct, accurate and vivid to provide rich content and ample associations for readers so as to stimulate their desire. These aspects will be vividly discussed in chapter three.
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