Importance Of Language In Children

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Language is one of the most important aspects in life, it is used to express feelings and inner thoughts. It makes sense of complex and abstract thoughts, and also makes it easier to communicate with others.• Language can be defined as verbal, physical and biologically innate. Behaviorists often define language as a learned behavior involving a stimulus and a response (• Babies are born without language do they not already have a form of language at birth however before they even go to school they learn the rules of language, this leads to the question do babies have knowledge before they learn language? Many theorists have come up with theories regarding language development in human beings and these are mainly based on nature and nurture. The way children learn a language so fast it made many theorists who? You need to give examples to believe that language is built-in the brain. However there are others such as? that believe that language is learned through the environment around us. The perception on how a child initially develops language is before they are born therefore it is assumed that babies begin to learn language before he/she has learned to manipulate their own speech. It appears that babies are able to categorize the world around them straight away from birth any evidence for this? which means they are grouping similar experiences together, so that everyday life becomes structured and then they can form concepts.
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