Single Process Model Of Language Essay

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Language is one of the most important aspects in life, it is used to express feelings and inner thoughts. It makes sense of complex and abstract thoughts, and also makes it easier to communicate with others.• Language can be defined as verbal, physical and biologically innate. Behaviorists often define language as a learned behavior involving a stimulus and a response (•
Babies are born without language do they not already have a form of language at birth however before they even go to school they learn the rules of language, this leads to the question do babies have knowledge before they learn language? Many theorists have come up with theories regarding language development in human beings and these are mainly
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There are two views one is the ‘single process model’ and the other is the ‘dual process model’ (Oates 2004), the single process model which is based on basic information, then gradually builds more information on it. In this kind of categorization it shows the infant categorizing by using the perceptual features of the objects and it tries to show that they start to put them in categories as the infant makes less use of the obvious features (Oates 2004).•good For example the infant will first look at an animal through the basic features like the body and face, then this change to a more detailed information like how the animal walks what they eat (Oates 2004). This means that categories are learned through looking at and naming objects as an infant and as the child gets older the use of language is used to describe more detailed information. In support of this model is computer simulations of learning networks that form category representations based only on perceptual features as Quinn and Johnson (1997) stated (Oates 2004).
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