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Abstract—In this paper, we describe a Rule Based method used for performing Word Sense Disambiguation task of Text in Marathi Language. In Marathi language which is spoken in Maharashtra state of India, many words are spelled same but semantically (meaning-wise/ sense-wise) different. Such words when need to be from translated from source language to target lead to ambiguity. Our method successfully identifies the correct sense of the given text from the predefined possible senses using word rules and sentence rules.
Index Terms—Rule Based Method, Word Sense Disambiguation, Marathi, WSD
Natural languages are used for communication purpose. The words in every language possess their own importance. Vocabulary of a language allows the human beings to express our thoughts and share feelings. Words carry significance in any language due to sense attached to them. Some words have multiple senses (meanings) which are unrelated with each other. These multiple senses poses critical problems to linguists in their tasks related to Natural languages. Word Sense Ambiguity makes it difficult for Computers automatically carry out Natural Language applications like machine translation, information retrieval, question-answering etc. Every natural language suffers from sense ambiguity. The ambiguity can be lexical and semantic. For example consider the word in Marathi language-
1. माझी पाठ दुखत आहे. (My Back is aching)
2. त्याला धडा पाठ आहे (He has

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