Learning English Language Analysis

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Language has a central role in the development of intellectual, social, and emotional learners. It supports the success in learning all fields of study. Learning the language is expected to help learners to know theirs, their culture, and other cultures. In addition, learning language also helps learners are able to express ideas and feelings, participate in society, and use analytical and imaginative ability that was in theirs. According to Crystal (2001: 1) said that English is a global language. It means that English is used by people in all over the world as a medium of communication. In addition, Crystal (1997) stated that the English language spread and used nearly a quarter of the world 's population and continues…show more content…
The ability in communication is the ability of discourse, namely the ability to understand and produce spoken and written text that realized in the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The fourth skill is used to create and respond a discourse in society. Therefore, English subject is directed to develop those skills that learners are able to communicate and make discourse in English at a certain level of literacy. Wells (1987) stated that there are four level of literacy. They are performative, functional, informational, and epistemic. At the performative level, students are able to read, write, listen, and talk to the symbols used. At the functional level, the students are able to use the language to meet the needs of daily life such as reading newspapers, manuals or instructions. At the informational level, the students are able to access the knowledge with the ability to speak, while the epistemic level the students are able to express that knowledge into language…show more content…
D. Formulation of the Problem Based on the explanation above, the problem is formulated as follows: “How does the teacher use Hopscotch game in teaching speaking for young learners especially fourth,fifth,sixth grade students of Elementary School?”
E. Purpose of the Paper
The purpose of this paper is to explain how the English teacher uses Hopscotch game as a media in teaching speaking to fourth,fifth, and six grade students of Elementary School.
F. Significance of the Paper The significance of the paper is to provide some ideas and considerations for English teachers in teaching speaking for young learners. This can be applied in teaching speaking process in the English classroom.Hopscotch game can be used by English teachers in improving students’ speaking ability. It is hoped that students (young learners) will be more interested and enjoyable in learning English especially for speaking skills. This paper is hoped enlarge readers’ and English teachers’ knowledge about procedures of hopscotch game as a media in teaching speaking
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