Importance Of Language In Speech

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DAY 29 I. Revision: List down words using OE and OI. II. Emphasizing your point: Emphasizing on what you are taking a stand for, or trying to make a point about can be made more effective by consciously following simple steps: 1. With your head: From a strong nod for a yes or a shake of the head to make it clear that your answer is a no, to the thoughtful side tilt, your head can speak volumes for you. 2. With your hands: Research has proven that gestures not only help you to produce speech fluently, but also to help your audience to understand your point in a much better manner, even if the gesture doesn’t specifically match the words it accompanies. 3. With your words: What is rhetoric? A series of ways to emphasize what you’re saying through…show more content…
With pauses: A benefit for those who don't rush through their talks is the chance to use pauses to good effect. Try them at the end of a story, or at a turn in the drama you're recounting. 7. With volume: For as long as you don't use one volume all the way through your presentation, your modulations can be used to emphasize particular points. Don't underestimate low volume: It forces the audience to lean in and listen. III. Selective attention and selective retention Selective attention is basically the capacity of a person to choose what they pay attention to and what they ignore. What they choose to listen or pay attention to may not necessarily remain in their conscious mind. Selective retention refers to the mind. It is a person when people are able to remember accurately that which interest an individual the most. For instance: - When asked to say about part, we usually remember only the good things although there are bad things too. This refers to an activity of mind where in firm configured material or content is easily remembered and that he not firm or unstable content is remembered or easily eliminated. One must have a good sleep in order to retain more information it is necessary that you get good sleep. Day
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