Importance Of Language In Teaching Language

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A. Background of the Study
Language plays an important role in improving students’ intelligence and helps the students gain success in every subject at school. In the globalization era, English is not only as universal language but also as a tool to communicate in oral and written form to understand and figure out the information, mind, feeling, science, technology and culture. Therefore, language can be a subject to be studied at school in Indonesia. In the English teaching-learning process, there are four skills that should be mastered. They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
Writing as one of fundamental skills must be mastered well since people around the world communicate through two ways are spoken and written. Writing has
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Teachers are not expected only being a teacher in the classroom. Teachers play many important roles in the teaching and learning process. They have to be planner, facilitator, and assessor at the same time in order to leading and managing students in the learning process. One of the teachers’ roles is as the feedback provider. They should facilitate the students by giving feedback in the students’ writing works. The teachers must consider the appropriate and effective types of feedback in order to enhance the students by giving the appropriate and effective feedback in writing. Sometimes, the teachers did not give feedback to the students’ writing works.
In addition, not all teachers well-planned and qualified to teach writing skill. For example, some of them cannot arouse the students’ motivation and interest to engage in the writing activities. The atmosphere in classroom sometimes cannot lead students’ self initiative in exploring their ideas into writing. Furthermore, in teaching writing, teachers need to know the needs and abilities of students. This is important as well as considering what to teach and how to teach writing skill to students. To e creative and innovative is important in developing inputs to explore students’ writing
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Teachers tend to use conventional methods regardless whether the method is effective or not in achieving the learning objectives. As a result, it is not able to create a good atmosphere that can increase students’ motivation and interest in the learning process. Since students are subject in the learning process, they must get involve in process itself.
Furthermore, the method being used do not provide students-centered classroom. For example, there is no reciprocal communication between teachers and students in the learning process. In giving feedback, teachers tend to be the one and only source in the classroom. In fact, teachers can engage students to contribute in giving feedback by providing them with peer reviewing if it possible to be done. The method should be selected based on its appropriateness and effectiveness to the learning process so that it will enable teachers to explore the students’ ideas and help them to get better

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