Second Language Learning Style

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1.0 Background of the Study Nowadays, due to the process of globalization communicating in English has become a need in all fields: science, technology, culture, education, etc. Hutchings (1816), desired to have English ‘taught to those who wished to seek employment in government and commercial activities’. For this reason, since the opening of Penang Free School in 1816, teaching in all fields of education has increased in Malaysia, given that most of the information needed in different places and situations comes in this language. In the field of teaching and learning, various methods and approaches have been used to make the process of language learning more effective for students in mastering the English language. These methods
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As for the humanists, they stressed on the great importance on affective and emotional factors and hold the view that success in learning only occur only if the learning environment is right, and the learners are interested in, and have positive attitude towards the learning session. De Pietro (1990) states that:

Second language learning is a humanistic undertaking. It involves human beings in all ways that characterize human interactions. The ultimate worth of second language methodologies and approaches is to be found in how well learners are able to extend their classroom experience to discourse outside the instructional frame work” p.15

Therefore, in humanistic approach, particularly in language learning, learners must have favorable and positive attitudes towards the language, the speakers of the language and possibly the teacher teaching the language. Teachers need to play major role in the language learning process by creating a conductive, non-threatening environment where students feel comfortable so that they can experiment with the new language and at the same time develop the student’s

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