Basic Language Skills

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The ability to use language. This is definition of language skills. This essay will discuss the importance, and the methods that are used to teach it. Also, for any of us to relate or communicate with one another, we must first understand the skills. The four language skills are listening, reading, writing and speaking. I will explain what each one means to language skills, and give examples. The lesson that I will use for this essay comes from OM2C. At this level, students have 10 hours of teaching time. The lesson focuses on grammar and understanding modals of offer with the verbs can/could/with.
Classroom Approach
Classroom approach is the most important thing a teacher can do for his or her classroom. It is the most
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Top-down gives students a large view of a subject, and bottom up starts with vocabulary and pronunciation. Next they will put words together to make sentences. Finally, the class ends with an authentic text. It’s a good mix up, because depending on the level of the student and the material which are presented. Classifications of Language Skills
There are four language skills and they are classified according to whether they are receptive or productive skills . Receptive skills are listening and reading. The productive skills are speaking and writing. The process of language teaching can be divided into two stages. The input stage and the output stage. Receptive skills in which people extract meaning from the source they read or hear, belong to the input stage. Language skills can also be classified according the medium as well, Listening, and speaking belong to the oral skills, while reading, writing and translating can be categorized as written skills.
Listening Activities
Listening, is the same as listening comprehension. The ability to take in and understand what one hears. Exercise A The directions tells the student “Listen to
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Writing requires making choices. We can help students by teaching how to see and make choices when working with exercises in every lesson. We can introduce students to a process of sorting ideas by teaching them how to use exercises to build ideas.
When students have a better understanding of how to discover and arrange ideas, they will have more success in getting their ideas on paper. Reading Activities
When you start the process of learning a second language, the importance of reading is crucial. Reading can be divided into a variety of teaching skills and activities. These activities include authentic text, phonemes, skimming, scanning, intensive reading, pre reading. During reading students can underline categories of items such as food types or kitchen utensils. Post reading activities demonstrate their understanding. Conclusion
Language skills occurs in 4 different styles. Listening, reading, writing, and speaking. All four skills support each other since, they are interconnected therefore, cannot be taught independently. Also, its very important to focus on the student’s level in how to present the material, either from a top down style or bottom up
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