Importance Of Language Through Literature

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Language through literature- The efficacy of English text books in teaching English for the students who learn English as a second language. Franklin Vaseekaran.D
Assistant Professor in English
Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science
Coimbatore -641018
One of the most remarkable characteristics that sets human beings apart from the species is language. Human language is unique. Fascinating are the discoveries on language that it so utterly different from signalling systems of other living beings that are on this earth.
Talking about the use of language, two things are important – Displacement and Open-endedness. The former is the use of language to talk about things other than the present. For instance, describing the football match that held the previous day. The latter is one’s ability to use the language to say anything at all, including lots of things one has never said or heard about. In fact, most of the things one says and hears everyday are completely new to him and, may never before have been uttered by anyone. So Open-endedness is the ability to talk about places and things far away in space and time and to produce and understand new utterances virtually without limit which are so familiar to speaker that he never give than a moment’s thought.
Undoubtedly, the above said two phenomena are truly remarkable and absolutely vital in using a language, because, imagining a language that consisted only of fixed list of possible utterances would be a language

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