Importance Of Law In Malaysia

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The negative sentiments on Malaysia’s state of affairs is not completely unfounded, given the headlines of recent times. In fact, countless people have told me multiple times to, “Go overseas and never come back,” but I disagree. Our country might not be perfect, but the situation here has garnered my interest on how governmental and private institutions alike use law to regulate behaviour and mediate disputes between conflicting people. This has inspired me to take up Law as my area of study.

For man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but, when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all.

This quote from Aristotle’s Politics is the truest depiction of the sheer importance of law to society, much less a country. If anything, law is akin to the cogs in the machine that is a country, without them the country could very easily descend into a state of anarchy and chaos. Most of us do not always like the thought of rules and regulations controlling us and telling us how to act, and yet to create a utopian society, it is necessary.

I believe Law will be a rewarding endeavour as it will provide our country with numerous opportunities and solutions to solve various societal issues plaguing Malaysia, for instance money laundering. These nefarious acts trigger a domino effect, starting with the hindrance economic growth and jeopardising the reputations of many, which in turn will decrease the credibility of our country. All of this scenarios can be prevented, if
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