Importance Of Law In Mental Health Nursing

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Mental health Act is the main legislation that governs Irish Mental health system.The reason for the Mental Health Act 2001 first, to protect involuntarily admitted and detained patient in approved centres. Second, it sets up systems whereby the quality of care and treatment in our mental health administrations can be observed, investigated and directed by the Mental Health Commission and the Inspector of Mental Health Services. Over the past ten years or so, almost the same changes have happened in mental health hospitals. Nurses have the power to detain individuals under Section 5 (4) of the Mental Health Act (MHA), to decide levels of observation and patients ' leave of absence under Section 17 of the act, with senior nurses managing the ward.
In 2008, an adjustment in the law influenced the part that mental health nurses have, in mental health review tribunals (MHRTs) (Tribunals Service Mental Health (TSMH, 2010). This made it compulsory for nurses to give written and oral evidence at tribunals when asked. It is a huge augmentation of their role, which also required them to go with clients to the tribunals. To establish whether the law is important in mental health nursing, the specific areas which will be discussed are the code of patient right, patient advocacy and it will conclude with a summary of the discussion.

Law in mental health nursing.
Mental Health Act requires an application from an approved mental health

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