Importance Of Law In Our Daily Life

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Law is present in our daily life and in everything we do. We cannot think a second without law. Whatever we can see around us everything is connected with the law. Sometimes we can see it and sometimes we cannot see but feel it. Law is not just a thing to obey for yourself but making a peaceful society. What I will explain to you in this article will, how we are connected with the law and I hope, make you see sense in the importance of our laws in the society we live in. To be against the importance of laws in our society would show one to be ignorant and naïve. I encounter the law on a daily basis when I am driving. I have to follow the speed limit of each road, I have to signal before changing lanes, my vehicle must be in good condition in order to safely drive and I must obey all road signs as they are set in place to ensure the safety of everybody. There are many other rules regarding safe driving such as wearing a seatbelt, driving sober, no distracted driving, having only the set amount of people in your vehicle as it permits, not driving recklessly and many more. The purpose of all these laws are to make sure that no accidents are caused, no one is hurt/injured/killed and that everyone arrives at their destination safely. These are only a couple examples of the law regarding safe driving. The law is also present in other aspects of my daily life. For instance, when purchasing items from a store, I have to pay for the items because if not, it is breaking the law and

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