Importance Of Leadership Essay

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This study defines Leadership is as system of interaction between leader on the one hand, and followers and situations on the other hand. Leadership refers to leader inducing followers to act for certain goals that represent the values and the motivations – the wants and needs, the aspirations and expectations – of both leaders and followers. Whenever I use the term ‘leadership’ in this study it means political leadership. I use the term political leaders and political leadership interchangeably in this study. It denotes in understanding personality traits of individual decision makers which influence their political choices rather than their personal character determining the private of leaders. For the purpose of this study a political leader is those
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Though bureaucracy and specialist groups influence the decision making, it is their duty to serve political leadership; and political leadership has freedom to surpass the bureaucratic and specialist advices. Hence leader in this study is exclusively political leader. Super powers of the world are well aware of the crucial role of leadership in Foreign Policy. The classical example of the strategical appropriation predominant role of leader in Foreign Policy is the “mad man theory” of US President Richard Nixon. Some believe that Foreign Policy of Donald Trump to his hostile countries is nothing but the strategic invocation of the same mad man theory. What is the implication behind this strategy? The fact is palpable enough to understand that at least the super powers of today’s world realise that it is the human beings making decision in matters of Foreign Policy and they also assume that other countries are of the same belief. Unless this assumption is made such a strategy is impossible to adopt. It alludes to the strategic importance of leadership in making of Foreign Policy in real life which is diametrically opposed to overemphasis upon
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