Importance Of Leadership In Leadership

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When someone becomes a leader or is given a leadership position, they see all the perks and power that come with it. Even though leading and leadership are already daunting enough, it still comes with its challenges. Some of these challenges are not as obvious or as prominent as others, a lot of people do not even realize that they are facing these challenges. Some of these challenges might seem like they can be faced at a later time or that they will just fade away and disappear, this often leads to more problems and sometimes even some major downfalls or people and organizations.
Firstly, there are three specific tasks of being a leader and they are: setting direction for their team, facing challenges which is an everyday task, and remaining committed to the goal and task at hand. From these three tasks we can already see that facing challenges are a big part of being a leader. Leaders will definitely be facing challenges since it is a major task. We can break up leadership into three different forms. We have the first one which is an individual leader and they alone will face these challenges and take charge. Secondly we have the type
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This is also accompanied by how you behave as a leader and that your actions will influence your team members. In practice it is that leader will enforce a certain behavioral trait or action by reprimanding employees for arriving to work late or rewarding them for the opposite. This could lead to other challenges like staying motivated from a team member’s point of view. If they are reprimanded it could lead to them being upset and not be open to you which could also lead to demotivation from the task or project. As the theory suggests a leader should embody the traits they want their team to show, he should not reprimand them then and instead be open and reward them but of course to a certain
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