Jack Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Leadership is an important ability for a person who likes to be the leader of a group. It involves not only personal ability, but also the popularity of this person in crowds. Leader is an important role that leads the group to a correct way and organizes everything for the whole group. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, several characters display aspects of leader ship, Jack is one such character. He promises his tribe with food, safety and freedom to gain power and influence which results in him becoming leader on the island. Jack uses food to attract and control the kids. He leads his hunters to hunt and offer meat for the kids. At the same time, Jack holds feast to celebrate eating meat because meat is a precious thing on a deserted island. Kids are impressionable to make a decision. Joining Jack’s tribe means they can have meat whatever and whenever they want. When Jack prepares the feast and invites the kids, it shows how Jack uses meat to become popular and attract kids to enjoy the feast: “To-night we’re having a feast, we’ve killed a pig and we’ve got meat. You can…show more content…
His leadership involves offering meat, safety and freedom. Jack holds feast and provides protection. He is getting more and more popularly offering meat, safety and freedom. Kids like to join his tribe instead of staying in the original group. Jack shows his strong abilities and displays aspect of leadership. His promises make kids trust him and follow him. That’s why he can get more and more popular in kids that bases on his leadership. In this society, if a person can’t provide attractive and potent conditions for the group members to believe in and stay, this person is not able to a leader. It’s a realistic society. No one likes to choose to follow a weak leader with no promises or practical goals. A leader can’t remain for a long time without getting power and popularity in
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