Importance Of Leadership In The Army

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Leadership in the Army is the fundamental foundation of the organization. Leaders like Officers and Non- Commission Officers implement and set the standard of leader to soldiers. These leaders ensure the Army soldiers are trained and prepare for any hardships they face. The term Leadership can be defined differently based on the organization in which the term is applied to. In the Army Leadership can be described as a "characterized by a complex mix of organizational, situational, and mission demands on a leader who applies personal qualities, abilities, and experiences to exert influence on the organization, its people, the situation, and the unfolding mission" (ADP 6-22). This simply means an army leader is an individual who applies and lives…show more content…
The three skills are Leads, Develops, and Achieves. I try to use this method of leadership when leading others I influence and motivate them to pursue the goal. Also by leading from the form and doing setting the standard. Secondly, when developing my subordinates, I try to implement a positive environment so that all my soldiers can flourish and work as a team. A positive environment helps encourage soldiers to take the initiative and may cause them to want to work harder to gain more individual responsibility. The first step to creating this favorable environment, in my opinion, would be, to begin with, an "open-door policy." A leader can invite his soldiers to voice their views at any time and bring about any concerns that they may have while feeling completely comfortable to do so. A feeling of comradery within a team and a balance of powers, instead of overuse of harshness will ultimately lead to a better outcome in subordinate performance. Lastly, an essential step towards proper leadership deals with achievement. Achieving deals with the accomplishment of the goals in which the army has laid out, or that the individual sets for himself. To motivate subordinates to achieve their goals, especially those goals which are essential when accomplishing a mission or important task. It is the job of the leader to provide direction and make each goal a priority. A proper leader must also always have a successful plan set forth that they will use to accomplish goals efficiently and to the highest of standards. It is these core leadership competencies, which, when put together, will create a successful

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