Importance Of Leadership Skills In Team Building

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Leadership skills and team building skills are determining to the success of any professional. These soft skill attributes are very much determining to excel in life irrespective of one’s field of professional interest. My life experiences clubbed with my academic assignments have helped me a lot in building, and to nurture positive team skills.
Even though teamwork and leadership are dissimilar qualities; they are powerfully connected in trade, sports & games, the armed services and volunteer activities. It is fair to mention that leaders lead, whereas teams tag along leaders to achieve goals and specific aims. However it is seen that perfectly performing teams have extraordinary leaders as their celebrated members.
In our every day life, it is straightforward to explicate leaders with just one expression: ‘charisma.’ But, greater leaders present a good deal extra than just the outward glitter. Remarkable leaders also convey some amalgamation of proficiency, obligation, perseverance, enthusiasm, center of attention and apprehension for others. This mixture can also generate charm for persons
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In my life, I like to use almost any medium to communicate. Anyway I prefer the verbal face to face communication over all other medium. Direct intra personal communication has several advantages. The body language gestures and the liveliness are predominant in direct verbal communication. When communicating with a lager group, a synergy of ideas takes place and the discussion becomes more productive. In the modern times, digital communication has its own advantages and merits. Teleconferencing has revolutionized business communication area. However the technical interferences, noise and transition delay are minor bottlenecks of digital communication medium. I always look for listeners feedback even if I am carrying out and interpersonal communication, a group communication or a mass

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