Wal-Mart: Servant Leadership Case Study

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Currently, our modern business world has variety of the opportunities to study and gain the new useful information. However, back in the 1910’s, managers did not have any formal trainings that may improve their skills, making sure that the company runs executives that are experienced enough to manage all the issues, problems and disputes within the organization. Henri Fayol, a French coal-mine engineer, director of mines and modern management theoretician, introduced the solution on how people can be taught through management functions. It is still applicable for today’s situation in a business world, but, with a few changes and remarks. The goal of the Individual Paper is to investigate the prevalence of leading as a management function in…show more content…
In terms of the leading, what was done correctly is that the leaders are very active in achieving the organization's tasks. Important to notice that the charismatic leadership style was used by Walton in order to create a morale within the company. He used to give an advice and any kind of support to all the team members if needed. Also, he tried to make any person who works for the organization to make a leader, who could meet the needs of the team which is called servant leadership style. So, basically, it is when all the people communicate with each other, sharing ideas and helping each other in order to succeed within the company. The management function such as leading at Wal-Mart contribute so much to the prosperity of the association. Effective leadership in the industry where decisions and operations can have life-and-death consequences is more likely to be essential for ensuring that the probabilities for errors are minimized and accountability is ensured. Managers are expected to demonstrate competency, confidence, and an ability to lead employees in the proper coeds of their daily activities. Effective leadership entails establishment and maintenance of a cordial yet professional atmosphere in which everybody understands their responsibilities…show more content…
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