Importance Of Learning English As A Foreign Language

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The Case Study of L3 Students
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The Use of Information and Communication – Technology
In Learning English as a Foreign Language
 Dedication
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 General Introduction
 Keywords
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Chapter One: Literature Review
1.1 English as Foreign Language
1.2 Learning Process
1.3 Problems Raised by Learning English
2.1 Learning English in Traditional Classroom Setting
2.2 Learning English in the Age of Globalization
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ICT has become an important driver of everyday life for a variety of purposes and benefits, which may even be increased if students themselves are enabled to use ICT in learning process. So to identify the importance of ICT use in achieving a satisfactory level in English language learning we must shade light on English as a foreign language, learning process‟s definitions and the main problems in learning English on the one hand, and learning English in the traditional classroom setting as well as in the age of globalization, ICT definitions, its importance and its impact on EFL learners on the other hand.
1.1 English as a Foreign Language
The term English as a foreign language (EFL) has its fans and detractors in various countries. Most commonly, it‟s used to describe English language learning in countries where English is not an official first language.
According to Oxford (2001), a foreign language is a language studied in an environment where it is not the primary vehicle for daily interaction and where input in that language is restricted.
English as Foreign Language refers to a situation where English is spoken by people who do not speak English as their mother tongue. That is, they speak certain languages originally but may speak English basically in official situations (English as Official Language) or in cross-lingual interaction (lingua franca).
1.2 Learning
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Using ICT attracts them because it is challenging, yet it is a part of their everyday lives. Nevertheless, when students use ICT in the class the “… undeniable improvement of language skills and strategies related to handling information and the language through which it is conveyed in the stages of searching, analyzing and processing information”, (Lanni, 2005) when mixed together along with other skills students are benefited and gain much more than what was expected. Nevertheless, due to the students‟ simultaneous, natural and often incidental acquisition of IT skills, that are needed in order to manage hardware and software so that various tasks are completed and problems are solved. Jarvis (1998) believes that by integrating basic IT skills in the EFL classroom, we are developing language skills and equipping learners with technology

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