Importance Of Learning English Language Essay

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Learning the English Language

Learning any language takes some effort. Understanding the grammar, the style, and the vocabulary is not easy. But with practice and patience one can learn to speak and write any language.
The English language is becoming the language of the world today. It is spoken in every continent and it is the language of education of science and arts around the world. It is important for many people to learn the English language in order to study, do business, or communicate with other people.
To learn to read, speak, and write the English language, one must follow certain procedures in order to achieve proficiency.
Learning the English Language
One way to learn the English language is to join a school or an institution where the English language is taught. In
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Any learner of the language should develop the habit of consulting and referring to the dictionary every time an English word needs clarification. With modern technology, Dictionaries can even pronounce words so that a leaner can benefit from listening and reading
The internet as opened many windows of opportunities for anyone with an internet connection. On the web there are courses available for free and addressing all levels from kindergarten to university and graduate levels.
Speaking the English language
To speak English is to use the grammatical rules in making meaningful sentences. Many people whose native language is not English find it difficult and sometimes confusing when they try to speak the English language. People feel embarrassed when they make stakes or become afraid to make mistakes when attempting to speak the language.
To learn to speak English, one must use tools that help to speak. Some of these tools are:
• Practice speaking to friends and family members even if there are grammatical mistakes. By practicing to speak in English to others one can gradually improve his speaking
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