Importance Of Learning English

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English is the most commonly spoken language in the world, English is the chance to open up more opportunities, and English gives the wider access to knowledge. Those are the importance of English and I need to progress my English skill exchange with the far-reaching prospect. To give you some background, once, I have a friend from German, he asked that how long I study English, I answered that since I was the elementary school and he was shocked and asking me why I do not have fluent English because he has studied just 4 years. His answer was surprising suddenly I asked myself why I am not perfect at English so there are some of the experienced mistakes during my English expertise development.
First, grammar is the essential part of English that the most of people focus on. In fact, the learning system in Thailand is just studying for the exams that I cultivated to my mind. The most teachers teach more on grammar rather than other parts to prepare their students for the entrance exams in high school. In addition, the tutorial schools, that I studied, focused on the grammar too. According to, Tony Mitchell, native English teacher in Thailand, Thai teachers never wonder if the method was beneficial or effective and was used as a method of ‘teaching ' in every subject. When the students were eventually tested they were asked what they can remember, not what they know. That reason reminded me that I have to study on grammar a lot so I am one of the most students who focus on
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