Importance Of Learning Experience

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1.0 Introduction
In this year, my life has changed a lot. This change makes me feel stressed, but this change also makes me a step closer to my dream. The change is that I have started my college life, and entered a Bachelor 's Degree in Accounting and Finance. When I first stepped into the building of the college, I was in a mood of anxiety, confused and fearful. At that moment, I went directly to the marketing department, a beautiful woman politely gave me a timetable for this semester. When I got my timetable, I looked at the subjects in this semester. There are Academic and Professional Awareness, Introduction to Financial Accounting, and Business Mathematics and Statistics. However, time passes very quickly, a blink of an eye, this semester is about to be over. In this semester, I have benefited a lot and gained a lot of learning experiences. This semester is coming to an end, I have also identified and learned the strengths and weaknesses in my learning experiences.
2.0 Learning experience
2.1 Presentation experience
During the second week of this semester, the lecturer asked every student to make a slide, and then stand on the stage to show the slides and give presentations. When I heard it, I was happy, because I like to speak on the podium. Because there are no other tutorial and assignment needs to do, so when I got home that day, I immediately turned on the computer and produced slides. First of all, I typed what I want to present into the PowerPoint. Then, I was

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