Importance Of Learning Foreign Language Essay

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It is encouraged for students to learn foreign languages as it has numerous benefits. Most countries have introduced foreign language starting from the early age. Today, the high school graduates are required to study foreign language in schools as it becomes a requirement for them to graduate from certain college with minimum of two years of learning foreign languages. Hence, the students are encouraged to learn on other language. Basically, foreign language is a native to another country and it is also a language which is not spoken in the native country of the person referred to. For example, Arabic language is a foreign language for the Malaysian. Even though it is quite tough for the beginners to master the foreign language, it is really…show more content…
One of the advantages is it helps to build up career opportunities, especially for the students. As most organization are going global, having this skill really helps them to grow further. It is hard for them to survive if the employee in the organization does not possess this skill. Communication problem is more likely to occur in a company which has diverse workers and this become a barrier for the company to grow well and cannot get benefits from diversity. The factor that leads to the problem is the difficulties to understand foreign language. Hence, the students need to occupy themselves with more than one language so that they can be employed by the company, then the company have the chance to overcome the communication problem and achieve their organization’s goal. By learning foreign language, students can improve their intellectual development and have chances to discover other

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