Reflective Essay: What I Learned In High School

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School is the place for learning and that is what we will do. If you take a huge general look your school there is a lot of different people who mesh into this community of people. That is so fascinating to me is seeing all of these people who are working together to get to the subject that they want. When you are going through school and even life you are going to meet a lot of people and they are going to impact your life in some way. If you are educated in the right way in high school you should be prepared for what is to come in college. For me this is a tiny bit true because when you have McGee you are going to be prepared for any dead line that is coming and I learned in a hurry what deadline management was. Another thing that I learned in High School…show more content…
In school taking a 1010 college class as a senior was okay because I had already had this teacher twice already, and I learned how to manage my procrastination so that was good. Taking basically all of the science classes was another kind of process to see what kind of things I liked and I would say that Anatomy and Physiology was my favorite class by far. Dissecting buffalo hearts and sheep eyes was the best part of that class and I will forever remember cutting into that baby pig Lavern. Trying a lot of different activities was really beneficial to me there were a lot of different lessons to be learned in each of those groups and sports. It helped round me out a little bit so I could see both the academic and the athletic sides of the school. Growing up with three older siblings there were a lot of situations that they ran into and I got to watch how they handled it and maybe how I would change it if I were to come upon a situation similar to
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