Importance Of Learning Needs In The Classroom

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In a classroom there would be students who have different learning needs, it is the responsibility of the teacher to identify them and help the pupils based on their needs. For learning to be effective a student should possess basic needs, according to Abraham Maslow there are four basic needs they are physiological needs such as hunger, thirst and bodily comfort. Safety is security and freedom from danger, if a child is assured he is safe the child would be able to explore the environment and learn without fear. A child should feel love and belongingness in the classroom so that he would be able to learn effectively. Esteem is self-respect and respect from others. Esteem emerges from daily experiences that give children the opportunity to discover they are capable learners. There are special needs as well which a child might have such as physical disability or a learning difficulty. Some of the learning difficulties a child might possess is autism, Down syndrome and ADHD. There are certain strategies used by a teacher in making mathematics a more interesting subject, one of which is to encourage students to work out sums repetitively until they get idea of how to solve the sum. According to Professor W. Stephen Wilson from Johns Hopkins University, “the core concepts of basic math must be mastered before students are able to move into a more advanced study’’. Therefore it is very necessary

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