Importance Of Learning Objectives

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We are so caught in the myth that the best and the brightest learners are self-made who spring naturally from the earth. We think that they are intelligent, they have a healthy and prosperous life style and they have special talents that they might have been born with. But that’s the wrong lesson. It’s the learning system which allowed that student to become a fabulously successful learner. Our world only allowed that student to get access to the well-developed curriculum and vibrant reforming educators who deliver that in an effective method.

It is hard to achieve the target if you don’t aim. It’s even harder if you don’t know what’s the target is. Often it’s like taking a road trip in an endless road. All travellers would know their destination
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From this numerous specific and measurable objectives can be derived.
It’s your motive and intention to aspire the learning outcome.

How do I identify my Objectives:-
In education, learning objectives are specific statements that explain what the learners ' will exactly do by the end of the course, programme, or module. Objectives are the foundation and basis for constructing an effective course. Perhaps objectives are the directive factors for the course writers to decide on the instructor teaching and learning activities, it determines the formal and informal assessment methods as well as the evaluation techniques to be exercised. Well defined objectives will bring change in the knowledge, attitude and behaviour of the learners.

In order to successfully address the four segments, you have to write SMART objectives. These objectives ought to furnish sufficient information to measure the learning outcomes. Similarly, it has to be realistic and gives you a leverage to tweak your teaching and learning activities based on you and your learner’s strengths, as well as the other external factors which is interrelated to your learning programme.

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In other words setting an objective for them to continue their learning and development and measure their success in various uses of their learning resources.

T-Finally the ‘T’ is time bound; an objective will be much more meaningful when it needs to be achieved within a given period of time. For instance, a month, a quarter, a half year, year or different time frames. And you need to make sure that the person is ready for a review at the end of the time frame to find out whether they are achieving that objective or whether they are having problems with their objectives. And if they are, then you can help them to overcome those problems and difficulties in achieving the end result.

Hence, SMART objectives are there to help the individual to absolutely meet the expectation of their educations. It also helps an educator communicate clearly whether they have met the expectation or where they are ranking and how to go about in achieving the end result. And as a result, both the learner and an educator can have a quality time and work together in partnership to achieve these concrete, tangible

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