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Study and learning skills are the most important think to the student in the academic field many student feel that being good student only gets the good marks on the test or exam without having the skill of learning only memorizing the passage or the book for example if you would be a good football player you should have good skill in dribble and passing the ball and good team player , same if you be good writer you should have skill in writing and giving expressions for the reader to have interest in what you are writing. That fore everything needs skill and learning.
Most people would agree that university is what you make of it. It is much more than academic experience though. It is a time for students to mature and develop.
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And for any student has to learn new skill and he should have team worker, self-motivator, self-awareness and self-evaluation, to be well organized and having strategic mind. There are so many learning skills services for the student who has to achieve his/her goals in future to become whatever they want, like how to learn and improve student effectiveness and efficiency at studying and completing tasks and assignments. For example looking for ways to better achieve your academic goals? Inquisitive how to keep up with course readings and assignments? Hoping to find strategies to manage your time more successfully, stay at the best of your studies, avoid problems later on in the course term, and get the most out of your university experience.
Learning how to study and achieve your goal in your academic & career in future, of course each student whose apply for university have a goal to be in future after the university graduation in him career life, that fore I have taken some few points showing learn how to study, like studding for an exam or test should has study guides to build the good result such
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Many graduate students are so motivated on developing knowledge in their field that they may carelessness to realize how important it is to actively work on skills like communication, time management, or conflict resolution. These skills are critical in the workplace, and being able to demonstrate them can really help a student stand out in today’s competitive job market.
Such as these things make the student intelligent and have focus in what field should he/she choose and complete the graduation.
As well if you would like to learn more in your field as a doctor or teacher or officer you should have skill to volunteer at organization that will helps to build the skill more in student future career and take training or work shop form the university, or ask the teacher to participate on the class or get the example from him this will builds your confidentiality on

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