Importance Of Learning Support

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2.3.2 Learning support

Based on Oliver (2005), learning support is a requirement to support the learners in the learning process. This sentence has received support from Lau et al (2010) whereby in their research, they had admitted that the important contributors towards ensuring the effectiveness of blended learning that need to put attention on are the people, the activities and the support. Support can come in the form of students, mentors, interaction with system and educators.

Besides that, Oliver also give out some provision support component for the students in blended learning which are expected to contribute to the learning experiences. It needs to have communications and discussions to happen which will permit intensive thinking
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The social context plays an important role in encouraging student engagement (Jeffrey et. Al, 2012). Lecturers, particularly in the online environment, are an important aspect of social presence. Impersonal environments are more likely to alienate students.

Educators immediacy is the root of the students’ engagement as it acts as a sense of the presence of the lecturers, is reassuring to students. Educators who developed high quality engagement strategies made measurable differences to the level of engagement by their students. This was most evident when educators applied the engagement strategies online as well as in the classroom.

Students in these classes worked harder and longer. Even good students will struggle in poorly developed learning environments. These strategies should be applied both online and in the classroom, though the application in different contexts will vary. Applying these strategies online is more difficult for most teachers because of their greater familiarity with classroom
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The suitable resources is vital in blended learning as it will be accessed by learners whether the program is quality or vice versa. Oliver had provided some guidelines to be followed by the educators to make sure resources that will be used in technology-facilitated and in conventional have the same quality.

They are the resources used to support the planned learning. Media usage is the most suitable tool to grab students’ attention. The media usage can be utilized through usage of YouTube Educational Channel, Academic Websites or Slideshare. The way of conveying the learning material must be interactive enough to gain the attention of the students. Also, Resources need to be relevance. Therefore, to create an effective learning, the availability of contents and resources should be considered. (Hameed et al, 2008).

The learning resources should matter the most towards the lecturers as the challenge for some of the lecturers, particularly in developing countries, because changing their practice of teaching in ways that accommodate the use of technology. It is time consuming as the lecturers need to get familiar with new technology compared to the traditional approach they used to apply. In e-learning, technology is simply a tool that educators may use in a number of ways within the new environment that can impact student learning
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