Importance Of Learning Vocabulary

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Introduction In the last two decades learning strategies has grown more and more, especially learning vocabulary. One of the most important elements of language is vocabulary; there has been a considerable interest in vocabulary studies. By learning vocabulary foreign learners can improve their knowledge and proficiency in second language. Over the last years so many researchers, for example (Folse, 2006; Huang, 2007; Min, 2008; Shen, 2010; Vidal, 2011; Mohebbi, 2013; Charkova, 2014), tried to discuss the different sides and the role of vocabulary learning, that is why so many useful strategies have been indicated in their findings. As we know vocabulary always plays a great role in learning English as a foreign language, especially for the students in universities, because it is a suitable time for them to improve their English skillfulness. The trend of linguistic theory play great role in the improvement of language education. Vocabulary acquisition was neglected…show more content…
In the case of examining and classifying vocabulary learning strategies, some studies in a roundabout way include the strategies particularly suitable to vocabulary learning. By learning vocabularies the learners start to improve the knowledge of the any language that they want to learn. In the last years so many researchers have been discussed about the importance of learning vocabulary and knowing the strategies of vocabulary learning. Schmitt (1997a) tested six hundred Japanese learners and assessing vocabulary learning strategies learners actually use and how helpful they believe them to be. The results found some disparities between the most used strategies and the most helpful ones. (Maerea,1980) indicate that the language learners confess that they faced so many troubles with learning vocabulary even when they improve from an initial level of acquiring the target language to a much more advanced

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