Importance Of Lecturer Communication

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Lecturer Communication (Independent Variable)
Lecturer communication is the one factors that affecting student satisfaction. There are many researches who have defined lecturer communication in different ways. According to definition by Dennen et al. (2007) lecturer communication is a traditional model of education that focusing on interaction between student and their lecturer. Robert T. Craig (2000) claim that communication is a practical discipline with the essential purpose of cultivating communication as a practical art through critical study. Scholar who study communication do it in order to understand the structure, pattern and effect of human communication but also to help individuals and society achieve a higher quality of communication.
Moreover, Anderson (2003) found that interpersonal communication and responsive and timely communication between the lecturer and the student were the most important variable for student, and that student are satisfied even if communication occurs in general communication spaces such as online notice boards. However, various online tools are the one best communication that can be interaction between lecturer and student satisfaction (Jones, 2008).
Lecturer communication is considered one of the important factors of student satisfaction. Furthermore, Richard (1998) claim that the effective lecturer communication may help student to understand and perform well in the classroom. Besides that, lecturer can create many opportunities

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