Importance Of Legislation On Child Labour

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2.6 Legislation: The process of globalization and modern means of communication have made the situation of working children a most important issue on the agenda of International Community. Therefore, proper and pre-planned legislation on child labour is the way to tackle it in future. Legislation is the major weapon with the help of which child labour eradication is possible, but implementation is of utmost importance in this regard. The eradication of child labour can’t be accomplished by legislation alone; however it surely can’t be attained without it. Otherwise, it continues to grow on a massive scale. As far as legislation on child labour in Pakistan and especially Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is concerned, after ratification of the UNCRC, ILO, Minimum Age Convention and ILO Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention did something in this regard to prevent the menace of child labour, but it is not as encouraging as to be. So, it is need of the day to take keen and practically productive steps for the proper elimination of this growing problem in light of the society’s well-being and prosperity by doing legislation on priority basis. It is their ability as legislators, as supervisors of government policies and programs, and as mobilizers of general public opinion that parliamentarians have exceptionally critical part to play. For legislation, on child 's rights in general and child labour in particular, to have an impact, individuals in all kinds of

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