Importance Of Leisure Tourism

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I. Introduction Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about the leisure tourism development. However, to what extend have leisure tourism tastes changed in the last 200 years has became a controversial issue. Is leisure tourism plays a major role in the tourism development? Different people have different ideas. Leisure tourism is a process rather than a product, although it is frequently abstracted as the latter (Crouch 1999, p.1). It is clear that leisure tourism refers to tourism resources as the backing, the main purpose with leisure, the tourism facilities for conditions, in a particular cultural landscape and services for content, in order to leave settlements and to stay in a different place for entertainment, sightseeing and…show more content…
This essay will focus on cruise tourism and cultural heritage tourism. Then come up with examples to discuss changes in these two areas of leisure tourism. II. Cruise tourism change 1. The rapid growth of global cruise tourism. In the first place, with the rapid development of world economy and the rapid improvement in living standards, the residents of new marine leisure tourism - cruise tourism products demand is increasing. Human first cruise is sailing from England to Spain, Portugal then to Malaysia and China which organized by the Oriental Steam Navigation Company in 1884. The modern sense of the cruise industry began with the formation of Carnival World Cruise Shipping Company in the early 1970s. In the last 200 years, global cruise tourism market has been rapid growth which has a great potential. According to the CLIA data shows (CLIA 2012), since 1980 the cruise tourism has been growing at 8.6% of an average annual rate. During 1996 and…show more content…
With the international status constantly increasing, also gradually become a cruise tourism destination in last few years. The president of China Transportation Association-Qian Yongchang attended the "China Cruise Development Conference in 2006” pointed out that China's economy sustained, rapid and steady development, has given rise to a huge cruise industry market that become the focus of the global cruise company. Since September in 1976, the Japan international cruise ships -“The Princess of Coral” docked at Dalian port for the first time, the number of the international cruise ships accessed to China's coastal port is rising every year. At present, China has been in Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shantou, Xiamen, Sanya, Haikou and other 16 cities received international luxury cruise ships to dock. In 2006, China's outbound travel more than 32 million people whom 20000 ~ 30000 in the cruise tourism. The prospect of its development is amazing. Market researcher pointed that by 2020 to travel outside the territory of the People's Republic of China mainland residents will be more than 100 million people, if 5% of the passengers choose cruises, is almost equivalent to a European market now (Zhang 2008). According to the relevant data (Ping 2014), mainland China received total of 285 international cruise ships and an increase of 8.8%, the immigration cruise

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