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Library associations play an important role in the promotion aspect of education, research and training purposes. These aspects such as education, research and training activities and investigation depends on the availability of information. In order to actively foster these activities, library associations would have to work together. There are lot of roles of library association that will help in this promotion of education, research and training.

The role of association is developed, effected and changed from one period to another and depending upon a variety of circumstances. This means that the roles of library association are not fixed. It can be changed when things get different or to match with any circumstances occur. Library association also is a platform for general discussion of problems related to library theory, practice and teaching as stated by Vinayagamoorthy, Singh, Kumari (2015) one of the librarians. All the directors, librarians and associations involve will meet and discuss about problems related and find out solutions.

Library associations are the furthering of library service. By furthering of library service means they give a lot more information needed by the users by improve access to information. With access to
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Stronger force represent the voice of the professions community to solve the problems relate to welfare, education and training include the research and development activity. According to Lam (2001) cited in Vinayagamoorthy, Singh, Kumari (2015) has discussed the efforts made by American library association in USA describe that all divisions of the ALA support research through committee or an award programmer of any publication of a journal. This is because since in late 1970s continuing education has also been given some priority by the ALA council when it adopted a policy statement in regarding the continuing

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