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1.0 INTRODUCTION Library can be defined as a building in which collection of books, CDs, newspapers, and others are kept for people to read, study, and borrow (Hornby, 2010). There are several type of library in the world, which are national library, public library, academic library and special library. The one that is used in academic institution is academic library. It is widely accessible in every level of academic institution such as school, university, colleges and polytechnic. Academic library is also known as resource centre and media centre. Generally, the information professional that is working with school library is known as teacher librarian. In other part of the world, they are also known as media specialist. According to Jan Hylen in her article, ‘The top ten reasons a library media specialist is a teacher’s best friend’, teacher librarian is responsible in arming both teachers and students with additional information, enriching both the teaching and learning processes (Hylen, 2004). It proves that a teacher librarian role in school is as important as teacher in school, even when the scope of job is different. School library is no longer as traditional as it used to be, in order to cater the twenty-first century learner. With technology being advanced, the function of a library also increased. It has emerge as a place which user will feel comfortable to be with, by having various facilities and services. For instances, 3D printers and Wi-Fi services. With

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