Importance Of Library In Knowledge Society

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Academic libraries in knowledge society
A library is an indispensable part of the educational system. It is an important organ which helps in functioning of an academic institution. A well established library is essential for any academic institution. As a focal point for teaching, learning, and research, it is expected to provide standard information resources with the emergence of digital technology , the academic libraries are struggling to survive as the major source of inquiry. Digital technology has revolutionized not only the way information is packaged, processed, stored, and disseminated, but also how users seek and access information. Academic libraries no longer restrict themselves to print services such as collection development, cataloguing and classification, circulation and reference services, current awareness, selective dissemination, and other bibliographic services, but have extended their efforts to interdisciplinary concepts and computer software and hardware and telecommunication engineering and technology.
Technology and Education:
Today we are living in the cyber age. Technology has also emphasised the education system. From the mid 1990, the knowledge society began to compete with the information society as a pervasive term in public discourse.
Technology is transforming the traditional methods of teaching and learning in the classrooms of the 21st Century. The goal is to create students who can become active, independent and lifelong learners rather

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