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Reference service is a major component of library services. It is the most important and popular function in library as reference work. Currently, with the major revolution of technology and internet it will impact to references services which is all the information be accessed over a network. Reference librarians now surrounded with the new evolution which they are near with electronic media and electronic resources. The aim of reference service in the digital library is to give the service to the user on online and answer the question from users to the get the information they need. Besides that, the function of digital library reference service is helping users to search any resources in the digital library collection and have more skill…show more content…
A digital library is can be defined the collection of the document that organized in electronic form and the material has been digitized. It managed the collection of information with related services where the information is stored in digital format and available accessing over a network. Digital library also can be defined with the element that required technology to link with many resources. There are linkages between the information services with many digital libraries are transparent to the entire users. A digital library can be accessed from the people in the world. The collection of the digital library is not limited to replacement document such as digital artifacts where it cannot represent or distributed in printed formats. The digital library is available on the internet and the users can access the material or information through digital library to seeking their information needs without going to physical library. Digital libraries are accommodating the several of information to the different user for use. It has the range size from tiny to huge, that means all the information in the digital library having many advantages to the users. The unifying theme is all the information are available through the computer and a network, with the procedures to decide on the collection of materials, to organize, to make available to entire different users and to records it. With systematize of the…show more content…
It is the reference service that provided through the internet and it involve the use of print and digital resource material. Digital reference services can be defined as the providing of reference services involving collaboration between librarian and user via computer bases medium and inter network. It is a new innovative trend of traditional reference service. This show the new feature of traditional reference service is changing to the natural solution to fulfill the comprehensive technology environment. These services can be consume in various media including via email, chat or instant messaging, video conferencing or web cam services, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and web customer call centre software and more. Reference services also can be referred as the reference and information services which that refer to the personal support that provided to users as the goal to achieve information needed (Bunge, 1999). It also the services on library references services which conducted on online and reference transaction is a computer-mediated transmission. Digital reference services can be explained as the internet based question and answer services that linked users with individuals who had talented in specialized subject or skill expertise. This is described to the static web pages where they use the internet

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