Importance Of Liesel In The Book Thief

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Throughout The Book Thief Liesel steals and reads books. The common population are led to believe that she reads for her own enjoyment, however, Liesel reads for much more. Liesel’s reading is actually a distraction from the war and death surrounding her. This is proven because her happiest moments are when she is reading, when there were rough times she went to her books, and the books bring happiness to others. This is why Liesel reads less as leisure but more as a distraction. Words distract Liesel and make her happy. This is proven because her happiest moments are when she is learning to read with Hans, when she reads at the Mayor’s house, and when she reads to Max. When Liesel learns to read with Hans, she finally feels connected with her new papa. Liesel was happy because on page 67 it states “she smiled.” (Zusak 67). Liesel is also very happy when she visits the mayor 's house. She feels she is rebelling against her mother and doing what she loves best, reading. This brings great happiness apon Liesel. When Liesel is first introduced to the Mayor’s library the book quotes “It was one of the most beautiful things Liesel Meminger had ever seen. With wonder, she smiled.” (Zusak 134) Proving that Liesel is extremely happy when she is in the Mayor’s library. Liesel also enjoys reading to Max. Helping someone else makes Liesel feel content. She is helping max because after he wakes up, he thanks Liesel for reading to him while he was asleep. Reading fills Liesel with
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