Importance Of Life A Precious Gift Essay

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LIFE IS A PRECIOUS GIFT Many people believe that life is a meaningless, but it is not! Many life are wasted because people destroy themselves with drugs and violence. War destroy our people’s moral on not killing people. All people here on earth has the right to live since it is there right from birth. Life is precious because it is beautiful gift from god. If you take your life seriously then you truly understood each day is a gift. Sometimes because our life is so busy we forget how life is so fragile. It is ironic that we get glimpse when someone is dying, diagnostic with disease. The quality of life should not be measured by the part of it. Life itself is the best gift. It is a precious gift. Nothing more, nothing less. Unless you understand this truth you can waste it so easily. Human life is truly a very precious gift. Each and every moment of life brings us an opportunity. An opportunity to act to develop and express our virtues. Each moment opens the path to us receive blessings. This is true that life gives us both positive and negative situations. What is really important is how we respond. We have to face our problems in a way that our actions purify our souls. Our body is our temple. We should keep it a…show more content…
It is an opportunity to do good in life. Remember that life is irreplaceable. Life is brief and uncertain. We must learn appreciating everything we have in life. Every day you lived wisely every moment you live fully. Always understand that life is splendid gift from above you will never miss it. Life is precious it leads to friendship, love, and many more. Life is precious gift that make sure the world goes on. With life, all people have free minds. People are able to do great achievement in knowledge that they do. I believe that all life is precious. We should value this gift will all we have and love. Remember how you lived your life determine the quality and how you look at your life reflect your value and

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