The Importance Of Life-Changing Events In My Life

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“The past can hurt but the way I see it you can either run from it or learn from it.” -Rafiki. The following paragraphs are about life-changing events that have happened in my life. They have made who I am right now and today and for the rest of my life.
The first thing that impacted my life is coming to middle school. Coming to middle school was scary at first I didn’t think I would be able to get to my classes on time or know where they were. But I had some of my friends to help me through it. And as the year went by my classes got a little harder. As the year progressed, I found new ways to get to class faster so I wasn’t always late. This new school opened me up and tested my ability to deal with people. Some days I thought about slapping
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After the year began some of my friends began to fall away. I meet Morgan in history. Mr. Haws allowed us choose our groups and Morgan didn’t have any friends in that class so I told Italee that we should let her be in a group with us. Italee happily agreed. So I got to know her a little better and we became friends. It was great because she was really quiet but we almost knocked that out of her. She’s still pretty quiet but not as much. Then there’s Maren. I meet her in history too. She was kinda off. That was ok because she had a great personality. Some people thought she was mysterious, I believed she was perfect. We bonded and became best friends while doing the play. She was a child and I was a rat we called each other our twin. Maren has always been a good friend to me. Some I want to kill her, other days are better. But I guess that’s how friendship works. Right? Then lastly, there’s Italee. Words can’t describe our friendship. I don’t know if we’ll ever stop being friends. Ms. Todd told me that I was a gift to Italee from God. Last year was the hardest on our friendship. Things happened, I don’t want to really talk about because I don’t know all the details that went into it. I’ll tell you how we became friends. It all started in 3rd grade Italee had just moved in. My dad worked with her mom and they wanted us to be friends. I was…show more content…
I know I said I wasn’t the dramatic type. But this is different. I don’t like drama that makes people hate each other and get in fights. I like performing and expressing myself. Doing the play really opened me up and not as shy. I was super shy, I never talked in class. I never did anything mischievous at school. But when I started performing and had to speak up it just kind of became a habit. But I did break it, somewhat. We did the “Pied Piper.” I was a rat. I only had one ear. When people asked me what happened to it, I made up a story. I just said I got hungry and it was there so I ate it. Then they look at me funny and walked away. I also made a lot of new friends. But some of them went to the high school. Like Samantha Hagen, Sophy and Hannah Waters. I can’t wait to do the play this year. I’m hoping i get a main
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