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Little by little, from the 6th grade I grew to be very fond of life sciences. The beauty behind Physics, Biology and Chemistry is in their complexity, cohesion, and ubiquity. Life itself is a big and elaborate chain of reaction events and that lit the curiosity in me since I was a kid. Thus I chose “Natural sciences” as a field of studies in high school to furthermore build knowledge about the ongoing cycle of life and the universe overall. As for a future career choice, I have about three years to fully make the decision but I am quite confident that the “Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences” at the “University of Prishtina” is my ultimate destination.
Oddly enough, I find inspiration in everyone that surrounds me.
From the VIP section, I look up to Emma Watson because she’s proven to be a very smart, humble and generous person. She hasn’t had any celebrity scandals; instead she managed to
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Grasping new information is always useful to be equipped to tackle challenges in life, as well as enriching the vocabulary makes me well-spoken and articulate. Since I speak English and Spanish, reading has been an inevitably key factor to improve my fluency.

A time u got criticized and how did u react:
At the beginning of the 10th grade, we had an essay assignment due to the next day and I spent a lot of time on it. Unfortunately, my Albanian language teacher was not satisfied and asked me to rewrite it again, because she felt like it wasn’t good enough and it was very cliché. Naturally, I took it as an advice and an encouragement for me to really express myself. Since then, she has been very impressed with my essays, and even chose one of them as “the best she had ever heard in her teaching experience”. I am very glad that I could improve my work because it helped me a lot in my other classes as well.

the most significant challenge u have overcome and how did u overcome
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