Scout Finch Life Lessons

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Jean Louise “Scout” Finch is a very bright young girl who lives in the county of Maycomb, Alabama, where people have very in-the-box thoughts and views about life and people they don’t know. Maycomb a dirt poor county where many life lessons can be learned about racism, culture, and certain people. For Scout Finch that is what life is all about, learning. In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Scout Finch learns very important lessons about life through the people of Maycomb which has changed her perspectives on life. First off, one lesson Scout learns about life is to not judge the people she knows in Maycomb. Atticus and Scout are sitting together before bed talking about the Ewell ‘clan’ and why she cannot do as they do. Scout…show more content…
It was the day after Jem had snuck to the Radley house at 2 A.M. Scout states, “As Atticus had once advised me to do, I tried to climb into Jem's skin and walk around in it.” (Lee. 77) Scout used her father's advice with her own brother, a person she loves messing with and bothering on the daily. The fact that she did that so soon after hearing that advice shows her development as a person, being a seven year old that is very impressive. This connects by showing how early she can adjust to learning a ‘simple trick.’ Scout was arguing with Cecil Jacobs one day in the schoolyard over Atticus defending Tom Robinson in court. Scout declares, “ was the first time I ever walked away from a fight.” (Lee. 102) As Scout stated, that was the first time backing down from a fight in her whole life, all because she kept in mind Atticus’ advice. That advice made Scout a much better person in the long run and since it is in the book so often it is a quite important quote to Scout and the person she becomes. Learning how not to be quick to judge others is a powerful lesson learned by Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, the quote helped greatly for Scout to develop and change for the better. Jean Louise “Scout” Finch, being very wise for her age, learns extremely valuable lessons about life in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In TKAM Scout has learned many valuable lessons, one
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