Importance Of Life Insurance In The Philippines

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"Life is like a coin. You can spend it anyway you wish but you only spend it once," Lillian Dickson said as she is pertaining to life and how you would spend it. We may know it but, are we sure about our life? About the wheels that make us go round and round but doesn 't have any idea when will it stop? The sad question we all behold is that... Are we happy about how we achieve our life as well as the financial goals that we have without assurance? People started “Life insurance” before as simply passing the hats to people, commonly known for us Filipinos as “abuloy,” when one of our close relatives or friends passed away. This tradition became one of the practices in the Philippines, still, this way of giving allows our fellowmen to learn to give, to share, and to help. As we achieve things in life, we get older. As we strive harder, our life span gets shorter. Life in this world is very trickery and risky. According to Philippine Life Insurance Association Inc. (PLIA), there are three (3) risks: The premature death, Disability, Old age. These risks scared us when things happened in unexpected ways, leaving behind our loved ones. And with this, life and insurance, when combined together is our history, our treasure that we 'll leave in the course of time. Life insurance is an integral part in our personal life plans. The lesser worry we have, the higher rate of joy we gain. Life is a cycle we can’t stop, a cycle where children will have a good quality of education, and

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