Importance Of Life Lessons In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Life lessons must be taught by others to influence the growth of young children. Throughout the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ several life lessons are taught to Jem and Scout, thus impacting their growth and maturity. Scout and Jem’s morals and values develop due to the interaction with various characters. Atticus teach his children about empathy; to not judge others until you view things from their perspective. Calpurnia acts as the mother figure towards Scout and Jem, teaching important lessons they will need to know in life. Finally, Boo Radley demonstrates to Jem and Scout that everything you hear, all the stories that are told, are not always true. The relationship between the children and the different adults are influential for Jem…show more content…
Atticus Finch,the father of Jem and Scout teach his children the importance of empathy and how you can never truly understand someone until you put yourself in their shoes. Atticus explains to Scout it is important to think about her relationship with others before she lets her emotions take over her thoughts. When Calpurnia disciplined Scout for acting disrespectful to their guests, Scout tried to convince Atticus how she thinks he should get rid of Calpurnia and how she is no help. Scout kept ranting on how she hated Calpurnia. Atticus then says “ We couldn't operate a day without Cal, have you ever truly thought about that? Do you think about how much she does for you, and you mind her?” (Lee 33). Atticus puts the thought of how much Calpurnia does for the family, how she acts as an important role in the children's life, across Scout’s mind. Scout needs to think about what Calpurnia does daily to help the Finch family out before she can say how Calpurnia does not benefit them and how she wants her gone. Similarity, Atticus shows understanding and empathy to Mrs.Dubose, even though she talks cruel about him and his family. Jem and Scout show hatred towards Mrs. Dubose as they believe she is true evil. When Jem was expressing his emotions after his interaction with Mrs.Dubose, Atticus responds “Easy does it son, she's an old lady and she’s ill. You just hold your head high and be a gentlemen, it’s your job not to let her make you made” (133). Atticus is trying to explain to Jem the condition Mrs. Dubose is in and how it can affect her particular actions. He adds that Mrs. Dubose is raised differently, so she has different expectations on how certain people should be acting. Teaching this to Jem, educates him in the sense that he does not truly understand what is going on in her life. As well, when Bob Ewell shows hatred to Atticus, Atticus displays understanding towards his certain actions.
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